Mwenezi Development Training Centre is a membership organisation and is registered as non-governmental Organisation (WO 25/91) formed in 1991.It is located at stand 117 Neshuro Business Centre of Mwenezi District, Masvingo Province. The Organisation aims to bring about rural community development through self-reliance skills training and establishment of socio-economic projects for poverty alleviation. MDTC achieve these by facilitating and assisting communities to engage in social and economic projects namely vocational skills acquisition and utilisation to establish small to medium scale enterprises, food security projects, organisational skills development, access to water, HIV/AIDS, gender and environment protection as a cross-cutting issue. The Organisation’s membership is currently at 14 800 people. It is run by a 10 member board of Trustees through a secretariat currently with 34 staff members. From inception the institution runs activities through donor funding (currently Liechtenstein Development Services , World Food Program,Terre des hommes Italy and has joined  CROPS consortium under Italian cooperation) and some own income from for example  Bosveld chicken breeding  , accommodation, indigenous  poultry production , training projects and products.


To be a preferred development Organisation facilitating access to water ,food, information, business skills and gainful employment opportunities as a way of improving human livelihood


To provide technical skills for self-reliance and business development services to ensure they have food security, raise incomes and have employment opportunities on sustainable bases in HIV/AIDS and gender sensitive manner.


The Board of Trustees is locally elected from the membership and is the highest level of governance which runs the affairs of the organisation. An Area Training Committee (ATC, 10 members for each of the 7 chief’s area) is elected to lead Organisation’s programmes and activities at community level and they are responsible for membership needs identification and monitoring of development projects in their areas as well as membership mobilisation. The organisation is overseen by a management team that consists of the Programs managing Director, Training and community projects Manager, Finance and Administration manager, Business Development manager and Monitoring and Information manager.


MDTC drives its activities from the following objectives based on identified community livelihoods needs.

  • Facilitate and assist rural communities to acquire and utilise practical skills for economic gains.
  • Improved food security for rural smallholder farmers.
  • Improved standard of living for vulnerable families.
  • Improved community water and sanitation
  • Contribute to community access to good health and education facilities.
  • HIV/AIDS, gender issues and environmental protection are integrated in all programmes and projects.
  • Improved financial sustainability and service delivery of the organisation.