The Organisation has a hall for hiring at affordable price with a capacity of 150 seated participants. The facility provides a welcoming environment for workshops, weddings, meetings, church services and parties. Meals are prepared by professional cooks and are offered at affordable pric es (just come and enjoy).

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The good quality of our food is guaranteed by provision of quality broilers and eggs from our poultry section which mainly supplies our catering department and the external market. A monthly production of 1000 broilers sold in live and dressed forms is provided. Restaurants in

Masvingo and our local township, lodges and hotels in Masvingo enjoy our services. Our prices are professionally administered in such a way that they vary in accordance to age/cost of production suffered at every stage of growth.


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The Organisation successfully constructed a 10 bed roomed guest house with a common room. The house has all modern facilities considered; ensitu rooms (inside toilets and bathrooms), air conditioners, modern televisions, overhead fans and had also considered roof tiling to mitigate the heat impact of Mwenezi.

To aid our customer refreshment, a library and a computer laboratory had been established and is to be complemented by V-Sat installation for internet services in a month’s time.



Mwenezi Development Training Centre (MDTC) is a registered welfare non -governmental organisation (WO25/91) registered in 1991. The organisation is located in the communal areas of Mwenezi District and is based at Neshuro Business Centre. The major objective of the organization is to bring about rural community development in the Mwenezi district. This is achieved by training and assisting rural communities to learn, practice and engage in short and long term sustainable development programmes for poverty alleviation. To facilitate this and ensure support to donor funding, the organisation established its own Income generating projects.


The Income generating projects were instituted in 2004 as a means of augmenting donor funding    as well as serving a contingency measure in case donor funding lapses .Thus the Income generating projects are meant to ensure continuity of the Organisation’s programmes even with minimum financial assistance from donors. Mwenezi Development Training centre with the aid from LED    established the board and lodging and poultry section infrastructure. The board and lodging provides accommodation, conference and catering services whilst the poultry section provides  broilers and eggs production.                                                                                  


The Department is meant to ensure the following objectives are met:

  • Create   a sustainable institutional growth and long-term self –sufficiency.
  • Augment donor funding -with an ability to contribute 20-25% to community development programme.
  • To facilitate the district’s NGO community development programmes through provision of accommodation and catering facilities during training workshops.
  • To enhance service delivery to local and external community.


The Board of Trustees is the highest level of governance and runs the affairs of the organisation.

The day to day management of the organisation is overseen by a management team that consists of the Programme managing Director, Training and community projects manager, Finance and Admin manager and Business Development Manager. The Business Development Manager directly oversees the Income generating projects operations.



The board and lodging offers exquisite accommodation, conference facilities and catering services.


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Grass thatched guest house

Exquisite accommodation comprising of 2 hostels with a total of 18 rooms, 10 roomed guest house with ensitu facilities and 2 round chalets with a total of 6 rooms is offered. The facilities enjoy a secluded and peaceful location, close to Neshuro Town ship and very few kilometres from the scenic Manyuchi dam. The rooms have all recently been refurbished and offer a very comfortable resting atmosphere. All things being equal the accommodation facilities are enough to accommodate 76 and 35 participants on sharing and non-sharing bases respectively. The Organisation enjoys much of its business from government ministries and Non-governmental Organisations both local and external who undertake training activities.

water tank (2)
5000l water tank
generator (2)
50KVA generator

Electricity and water outages is a thing of the past at the institution .In periods of electricity outage, enough power is provided by the 50KVA generator connected direct to the institution’s electricity supply lines. With the drilled borehole, pumping system &a 5000l water tank in place water is made available during periods of inadequate ZINWA supply.