Murove irrigation visit

Date 20 February 2016
Day 2

Murove irrigation

LED Representative Mrs. Artzinger Mr. Masukume the Programme Managing Director, Mrs. Mbiza the Training and Community Development Manager and Mr. Tawanda Shonhiwa the field officer visited Murove irrigation to assess project progress. The project members planted green maize in December 2016 using irrigation water. Unfortunately the fuse at the pump was broke down and could not be fixed by ZESA in time. The crop severely affected by heat and was a write off. The plot members planted the same crop again in January after receiving significant amount of rains. Since the fuse was not fixed in time the crop again by the time of visit it was showing some sign of water stress. However the fuse was fixed on the 19th of February after a thorough follow up by the Programme managing Director. Since the relationship between the Project members is not good, the members are suggesting using Solar as an alternative. Therefore more information has to be gathered so that the cost and its effectiveness is known for decision making purposes.
The team also visited the pump house and everything was in good shape except that Mrs. Artzinger had the opinion that small businesses cropping up at the pump site should be owned by the project and not individuals who are not members of the irrigation.

Green maize in Murove irrigation showing moisture stress

Green maize in Murove irrigation showing moisture stress

Manyuchi Tangenhamo fishing group.

The group has 32 members who use one boat for fishing. The group was donated an Engine driven boat last year and since then their yields increased remarkably. The members work in teams of 10 people and make shifts. Each team can get an average of 20 kg fish per day. During the normal days the catch can go up to 160kg per day. When the team visited Tangenhamo group, the catch was 30kg. all the fish was sold at $2.00 per kg. market is not a problem since all the harvest fish was sold except for 3 kg that were reserved for the visitor.
Mrs. Artzinger witnessed the fishermen cruising the boat in Manyuchi dam. They engine however was not fixed since they keep the engine at home for safe keeping.

The crocodiles are a menace to the group since they destroy the nets and eat all the fish trapped by the nets.
The nets are continuously broken down and need quick replacement.

Success story

The group managed to buy fishing permit which lasts for one year.
The yield and income levels have gone up by more than 100%
Mrs. Artzinger was happy to see the group doing well and encouraged them to use the big nets that catch mature fish. The committee member Mr., Ngwenya thanked LED for that support they are offering to the group. He said the boat had changed their income levels for the better and are now able to send their children to school.


The are needing attention was Murove irrigation whose water supply had been affected by pump breakdown and electricity supply issues. This have resulted in farmers being unable to till the 40ha garden. LED representative recommended close monitoring and supervision so that community benefit from the massive investment put at the project. Solar energy was recommended to be explored for the Murove irrigation and the community accepted the idea and will start contributing towards the project implementation although no donor funds are available for the project.

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