The team visit one of the project on Open pollinated Varieties(OPV) in ward 3 of Mwenezi in Musaverima area. LED is funding the farmer program to produce seed and pass on the next farmer. The program involve the training of farmer in drought resistant seeds, short term varieties and legumes in order to mitigate the negative impact of the low erratic rainfall characterizing Mwenezi.
Mrs Machava is a widow but is making ends meet after participation in the programs being funded by LED and implemented by MDTC. She is involved in the OPV and the goat keeping project which now has 260 goats among group members. She has a head of 18 goats in reserve for her financial needs. In 2015 she sold 10 goats and bought 11 bundles of diamond mesh wire at R700 each. She also finish the verandah of her house which her late husband left unfinished. She was very thankful to the LED representative for LED efforts to improve the lives of the Mwenezi people. The goat project is also on ass-on concept.

She is in the process of fencing her 4ha homestead where she grow the OPV 1 ha maize and 0.4ha of short season bean variety of Black Eye bean(BEB) and Super Zaka seed. She hope to harvest around 18 bags of maize in her yard irrespective of the harsh sun that is threatening the crop in her yard. She has a plan to buy a 200l drum and connect a horse pipe to water each maize crop as advised by Mrs Artzinger as the only way to save the crop.
Mrs Machava’s rain gage is there but the is no rain for The crop that is at wilting point
The rain gauge can no longer measure as there is no water to measure


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