Njipa Dam and Garden Visit

Date 19 February 2016
Day 1

Njipa Dam and Garden Visit

The team visited the third project for the day. LED funded Njipa dam from the ground. A 1 ha garden was constructed and is fenced. It has 70 members cropping maize and rape vegetables. The community was also very thankful as the dam is the only source of water for cattle and gardening for the surround area.


The team visited the Chedozvo herbal garden which is on the veg to become extinct as the once thriving Chedozvo dam is under severe water shortage due to low rainfall this year. No rains had been received this season. The local leadership had advised garden members not to water the garden as there is very low water levels. The team was advised to find alternatives like drilling a borehole to have the garden needs.

Chedozvo garden fence is still intact but the herbs need water
The first day field visit ended at the Chedozvo herbal garden .For the first time since the dam was constructed people are walking across the dam bed.

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