• Community based seed multiplication

MDTC is involved  in farmer training and seed multiplication  program OPV(Open Pollinated Variety) in rural and resettlement areas of Mwenezi.158   farmers had been trained and issued with 2 kg seed packs of sorghum SV5 ,okashana ,pearl millet. Farmers have also been trained for legume promotion .Community based marketing of seed has been produced targeting farmers from the neighboring communities. This is a passion program where farmers are expected to return 4kg seed to be distributed to other farmers next season. In order to maintain quality control in the seed programme seed is being purchased from crop breeding institute(CBI) in Bulawayo Matopo Research Station

Location of participating farmers are:

  1. Dykras ward=13 farmers
  2. farmersMarirangwe=38 farmers
  3. farmersZvomipungu ward=16 farmers
  4. Nyera Village=7 farmers
  5. DRC village=10 farmers

Currently MDTC is implementing a 6 months(October 2016 to march 2016) LSA(Lean Seasonal Assistance) program ,which is the being implemented in 11 wards that is :ward1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ,11,14,16 and17.The program involves training of food insecure beneficiaries ,Crop and livestock production. The program targets 9082 households and 51935 beneficiaries will get food basket comprising of the following:

  1. Cereals 6kg
  2. Pulses 2kg
  3. Vegeoil 0.75 kg (820 ml

Food is given on condition of undergoing training and light works for 16 hours per month. The trainings are conducted by government field technical staff from Agritext ,LPD ,Life stock production and development(LPD),VE,mechanisation,Irrigation,Socialservices,ministry of health ,MoHCC ,MRDC.MDTC also conduct trainings with other NGOs in the district such as Plan international, Christian Care ,Aqure Culture Zimbabwe(AQZ).Trainings include :

Hot culture production, small grains production. Livestock production, conservation farming, health and nutrition, farming as a business, child protection, domestic violence prevention awareness.

Light works are conducted to protect and maintain previously created and rehabilitated Food For Asset (FFA) projects such as community gardens, irrigation schemes, dams, weirs and dip tanks. MDTC with technical assistance from MoHCC has also given a condition to all registered households with children under 5 years to attend child growth monitoring at nearby health centers once monthly. At these centers mothers are receiving nutrition and health education. There are 8719 registered children under 5 years and 90 %( 7852) were monitored in January 2016.