• Community based seed multiplication

MDTC is involved  in farmer training and seed multiplication  program OPV(Open Pollinated Variety) in rural and resettlement areas. Farmers are trained in  small grain seed production and maize OPV. Farmers are also trained in post harvest management. A lead farmer is elected to lead other farmers. A market linkage is made between the farmers and the seed buyers and grain buyers. Production is either on contract farming basis or for local market. Super seeds Zimbabwe is currently working with MDTC on OPV seed production. The 2017-2018 target farmers is 700 seed producers to be trained by MDTC for Super seeds, LED 575, CROPS 150 totally 1425 farmers .

A pass on program where farmers receive 2kgs of foundation seeds and are expected to return 4kg seeds after harvesting. The foundation seed is distributed  to other farmers in the next season. In order to maintain quality control in the seed programme, foundation seed is purchased from crop breeding institute(CBI) in Bulawayo Matopo Research Station.

WFP World food programme funded(2012-17)

The WFP and MDTC  funding  relationship started since 2012 and created or rehabilitated 38 water source development (i.e. dams and weirs), 41 crop productivity (gardens or irrigation schemes), 8 livestock development (dip tanks and fodder gardens) and 3 environmental protection (gully reclamation) projects through C/FFA .

Currently MDTC is implementing a 6 months(15 June 2017 to 15 December 2017)Food Assistance for assets (FFA)which is being implemented in 4 sites.The main objective of the programme is to increase acess to food, nutrution, income, reduce risks and build resilience to shocks through capacity building, creation, expansion and protection of productive assets.

Chamangoda weir, garden and orchard  thats  inward 7, Domboshava dam,garden and orchard thats in ward 6, Nhunde Weir , garden and orchard thats in ward4, Chimwandawu dam, garden and orchard thats in ward 12.A total of 2020 beneficiary workers is participating in these 4 sites .

The program involves training of food insecure beneficiaries in crop and livestock production. The program targets 2020 households and beneficiaries food basket comprising of the following:

  1. Cereals 50kg in 15 days
  2. Pulses 10kg
  3. Vegeoil 3.75 kg

Food is given to workers after working for 4hours a day for 15 days . The trainings are conducted by government field technical staff from Agritext ,LPD ,Life stock production and development(LPD),VE,mechanisation,Irrigation,Socialservices,ministry of health ,MoHCC ,MRDC.MDTC also conduct trainings with other NGOs in the district such as Plan international, Christian Care .Trainings include :

Hot culture production, small grains production. Livestock production, conservation farming, health and nutrition, farming as a business, child protection, domestic violence prevention awareness  and disaster risk reduction.

Information on projects done is included in donor briefs 2016