Visit to Matande Garden

Date 19 February 2016
Day 1


Representative Mrs. Artzinger , Mrs. Mbiza the Training and Community Development Manager and Mr. Paul Nherera the Monitoring and Information Manager visited the Matande mini- irrigation to see how the dam filled after it was scooped in November –December 2015.The dam was full and the garden was green. The dam scooping objective had been achieved and the community very hopeful and ready to put full use of the water for their domestic use garden and cattle.

matande visit2Matande dam wall with new soil added from the scooping

Mrs Artzinger discus the way forward with Mr Moyo the garden chairman

The Matande garden look is a good example of good use to money and best community project of LED funds. The garden is green and the maize cobs will be ready to eat and sell in a week’s time. The team was shown around the garden by the garden Chairperson Mr Moyo.
The garden committee has very good administration skill which ensures that enough diesel is available for the month .Each member contribute $1 a month for fuels. The plot members planted bigger maize on 29 October 2015 .The small crop was planted mid January after receiving significant amount of rains. The relationship between the Project members is very good, the members are suggesting using Solar as an alternative to save fuel. Information has to be gathered so that the cost the solar pump and the Solar panels. Two more tanks are in the community plans as they want to use the land east of the garden to increase hectarage under irrigation as there is more water in the recently scooped dam .LED funded the scooping of the Matande dam where 180 families participated and were given one 50 kg bag of roller meal as there is acute food shortage in the district. The community thanked the LED assistance to Matande community as the help has given ho[p for them.
The team also visited the pump house and everything was in good shape except that Mrs. Artzinger had the opinion that small businesses cropping up at the pump site should be owned by the project and not individuals who are not members of the irrigation.

Mr Moyo(left)Mr Chongoveza(centre) Mrs Atzinger Mrs Atzinger and Mrs Mbiza admire the crop

The two groups of Matande maize and the small relay tanks used to water the maize
matande visit9Mrs Atzinger asks the garden chairperson what happened to this field to have poor crops
matande visit10The LED regional representative talks with Mr Moyo on future plans of the garden

The two day field visit had mixture of positive developments and negative issues. The two such issues to note include the good Matande garden progress on quality of garden administration resultant in better crop output. LED representative recommended the good work being done.

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